Important Announcement from The Fitness Lab Regarding COVID-19: VIEW HERE

Thank you to the entire staff who help make it easy for me to stay motivated to keep coming back.
Shannon Lindstrom
Lance and Evan - thank you for making the stop at the gym something I look forward to more than ever.
Adam N.

WE ARE OPEN!! Due to the safety of our members well being, we have had various companies come out and disinfect the gym. If you are still unsure about our cleanliness, please contact us via phone. We would love to share and show what safety measures we have taken. 

We are also providing an outside Oula class on mothers day! Keeping safe distances of course, but still being able to scream, sing and dance outside with our instructor. Mothers day at 11 a.m. see you there!

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 Hello members and potential members, we are now fully open! Not only are we open, we are running a $0 enrollment fee special until the end of May. So tell your friends and family to come down, and join our privately owned and operated club! The Fitness Lab has been sprayed with an anti virus disinfectant and is professionally cleaned every other day. 

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