Important Announcement from The Fitness Lab Regarding COVID-19: VIEW HERE


Corona Virus Update

 Hello everyone, due to the recent mandate from the Governor, we have had to close our gym. We have suspended all EFT membership withdrawals as of 3/25/20. We will keep you posted if anything changes during this 21 day period. Please keep working out, do Yoga, body weight training and even lift buckets filled with rocks, water or whatever you can find in the house.

Be kind and help others during this challenging time, there are plenty of people out there that are working through some very tough times. I am my Brother/Sisters keeper!

New Membership Questions to Ask Gyms Before Committing

If you’re considering joining a new gym, there are a few ways you can help ensure you’re joining the best one for you.

First, make sure you get a one week pass to try out the club during the times you will train. Next, ask these questions before you commit to anything.

1. What Does the Membership Cost?

Okay, this one is obvious, but gym memberships are cheaper than ever. It’s easy to see a low monthly rate and sign-up without fully understanding the costs. Read all the fine print and ask any clarifying questions to determine exactly what you’ll be paying every month, especially if you're offered a special that only runs a few months.

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